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Airline Visions prides itself on maintaining an extensive partnership base serving as consultant to various organizations ranging on matters related to business and strategic plan development, marketing, project management, new product development, corporate culture and media relations. Below is a list of some of the aviation consulting projects we have managed.

Airport Owner Operator – Developed business plan and marketing plan for US airport that transitioned from public to private ownership followed by implementation of multi-use redevelopment plan.

Major Resort Owner Operator – Developed business plan for new airline start-up serving the South Pacific.

Major Investment Group – Developed business plan for Latin American-based airline to serve domestic and international route network.

Private Investor – Developed business plan for new air cargo service between US and India.

Private Investor – Developed business plan for new air cargo service between US and Sub Sahara Africa.

Regional airline in USA – developed business plan, capital raising plan, aircraft fleet plan, and implementation plan, and certification strategy for new regional airline. 

Tour operator in USA – developed business plan for a new tour operator specializing in Latin American travel.

“Big 5” Management Consultancy – designed and implemented aviation training
program for Global Aviation Practice of 400 consultants.

Major airline in China – designed strategic initiative for expansion in changing
competitive environment.

Major airline in India – advised on strategic initiative for cost savings and
increased revenue generation.

Major airline in CIS – advised on competitive response given changing government

Major airline in South Pacific – designed new business restructuring plan for
investment group interested in acquiring airline.

Major commuter airline in Caribbean – identification of problematic management
areas and development of strategic plan.

Established Aircraft Asset Management services provider – developed business
and operational plans for new technology currently utilized on a global fleet.

Major aircraft manufacturer – advised on A380 market in absence of Concorde.

Air carrier start-up in North Africa – designed business plan for air freight carrier
service between United States and North African destinations. 

Private investor – business plan for low-fare/high-value US domestic airline.

Charter operator – business plan for start-up airline linking USA and Eastern

Airline in South America – advised on business restructuring plan.

Major air carrier association – marketing projects enhancing exposure.

Major US airline – competitive response and financial study on major hub as
“new” gateway to Latin America. 

Major training organization in UAE – creation of on-site aviation training programs.

Major aviation trade association – delivery of high-level aviation management

Major regional jet manufacturer – solutions to new challenges in RJ market.

Major US university with global presence – development of academic programs in
Global Aviation Management.

Major European low-cost carrier – development of interactive marketing
agreement strategy. 

Major airline in Middle East – development of new low-cost airline spin-off.

Major US university – various projects concentrating on business plans, strategic
plans and fund raising.

Major African airline – delivery of strategic management program.

Start-up air carrier in Central America – advisor on second start-up including
business plan and aircraft acquisition.

Major government in Central America – participated in development of business
plan for a new airline start-up. 

Major government body – advised on growth strategies and domestic revenue
opportunities for airlines in China.

Major US hub airport – advised on hub as gateway to Latin America and Africa;
financial projection study based on future growth.

Major US training organization – advised on trends, challenges and strategies for
global airline industry.

Major international air transport association – various projects including on-site
training delivery to C-level executives.

Major aviation training fund – delivery of aviation management courses. 

Major airline in Eastern Europe – strategic management issues and growth plans.

Major Asian aircraft engine manufacturer – market study on RJ growth and
financial impact on industry.

Start-up air carrier in Africa – designed business plan for new international start-
up airline.

Start-up air carrier in Africa – advised investment group on development of new
international airline start-up.

• Major university in Eastern Europe – creation of accredited training. 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – impact of SATS on
corporate aviation.

Major aircraft business association – delivery of management training courses in
corporate aviation.

Major US university – advised Transportation Centre on impact of airline and air
cargo growth.

Pan-African Caribbean Aviation Conference – advised on social and economic
impact of US, African and Caribbean ties.

Major hardware and software manufacturer dedicated to field of transport
delivery of management training program to C-level executives. 

Major training organization – fund raising; establishment of management training
centre in Indonesia for major airlines.

Major airline – business plan development for low-cost carrier in South Africa.

Major investment firm – market study and valuation of Boeing 747 Freighter.

Commuter airline in US – representative for sale of company.

Major US retail chain – advised on need for internal airline aimed at corporate
executives; delivery of on-site management programs. 

Major ministry – development of “internal” air carrier for international operations.

Tour operator – development of charter track program for major US airline.

• Aircraft asset management technology operator – development of business plan
for new company.

African country (state) – master multi-modal transportation plan.

Comprehensive Services

Airline Visions provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from “dream” stage to day one commercial operations and beyond. We manage the different phases of air carrier development including, but not limited to, the following:
  • • Development of the airline business plan
  • • Development of the implementation plan
  • • Recruitment of short and long-term management teams
  • • Recruitment of advisory board
  • • Raising of capital
  • • Aircraft fleet acquisition
  • • Certification