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John Wensveen quoted in MyWealth Blog

Posted by on March 10th, 2014

John Wensveen was recently quoted in an article titled, “What’s Behind Qantas and Virgin’s Profitability Battle?”

Excerpted from the MyWealth | Commwealth Bank of Australia blog post:

Dr John Wensveen, partner and executive vice president at Mango Aviation Partners, says that the excess capacity issues simply mean “there is too much supply for demand”.

“As noted in Qantas’ recent announcement of a $235m loss, both the domestic and international markets are suffering as airlines compete for business,” he said.

Wensveen describes Qantas as a “legacy carrier plagued by legacy characteristics”.

“The business model was developed during a time of regulation and like airlines in other markets forced to adapt to liberalised or deregulated environments, Qantas has not had the opportunity to reinvent itself and take advantage of a new platform like many of its competitors.”

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