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Leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the global airline industry was suffering from a variety of challenges. Since the events of 9/11, the industry has experienced a record number of bankruptcies and has been faced with developing new strategies in order to continue operations. Today, the industry is in a period of survive, adapt, recover and rethink. Success if often measured by one’s ability to come to work the next day and turn the office lights on.

Airline Visions has experience in all six regions of the world and is a leader in the development of business plans for start-up air carriers.

Airline Visions was established to assist start-up air carriers with successful strategies for long-term survival from birth avoiding the barriers often faced by existing and legacy carriers. Airline Visions also assists established carriers with success strategies by “shooting holes” through existing structures resulting in short, medium and long-term range plans.

Airline Visions does not use existing “generic” templates like many consulting firms in order to create a business plan. Instead, we develop a customized plan for the client utilizing a true Airline Business Plan. The end product outlines the aim and objectives in logical order while encompassing the main elements required in a formal business plan. Internal and external variables not ordinarily addressed in generic business plans are incorporated combined with an extremely sophisticated financial model covering a five year forecast broken down on a month by month basis.

Comprehensive Services

Airline Visions provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from “dream” stage to day one commercial operations and beyond. We manage the different phases of air carrier development including, but not limited to, the following:
  • • Development of the airline business plan
  • • Development of the implementation plan
  • • Recruitment of short and long-term management teams
  • • Recruitment of advisory board
  • • Raising of capital
  • • Aircraft fleet acquisition
  • • Certification