Strategic Counsel to the Aviation Industry

Skies the Limit

Specializing in airline business plans

Serving North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa

Airline Visions is a highly regarded “idea factory” and aviation consulting firm specializing in the development of airline business and implementation plans for start-up carriers world-wide including scheduled and non-scheduled passenger operations as well as cargo/freight operations.

Once the air carrier is operational, we maintain a solid relationship with the client providing strategic steps to success for long-term survival in the world’s most competitive industry.

Airline Visions also provides a variety of on-line and on-site training seminars presented by reputable industry leaders.

One final word…

Despite the risks, instability, and stresses associated with the airline business, there is no other industry on earth that stimulates such excitement, hope, opportunity, and potential prosperity. The sun is always shining above the clouds regardless of the state of the industry or the world surrounding it. Every day is a good day in the airline business!

Comprehensive Services

Airline Visions provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from “dream” stage to day one commercial operations and beyond. We manage the different phases of air carrier development including, but not limited to, the following:
  • • Development of the airline business plan
  • • Development of the implementation plan
  • • Recruitment of short and long-term management teams
  • • Recruitment of advisory board
  • • Raising of capital
  • • Aircraft fleet acquisition
  • • Certification